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Legal, tech and strategic solutions for 21st century companies

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has placed new strains on everyone. And we’re here to help on the legal front. Today’s economic and legal environments are challenging and complex.  And never more so than now. We understand the pressures and constraints you deal with, particularly when it comes to software, technology and intellectual property legal issues.

The Sm@rtEdgeLaw Group™ is a new breed of law firm – nimble, tech savvy, on the cutting edge – that breaks the mold of existing law practice to address legal issues in our fast moving digital economy. Unlike traditional firms that may simply provide legal rationales we go beyond the norm to also focus on structuring your agreements and operations to minimize legal risks while developing your business.

Our fundamental approach is simple: Efficiently meet your legal needs, whether you are a new start-up or established household name.  We apply the latest technology and best practices to quickly give you a business and legal edge.  

Please feel free to contact us at or (203) 307-2665 to discuss any issues you or your company may be facing in our practice areas, which may be found under our Services tab. The SmartEdgeLaw Group is a member of The Intangible Law Network

In short, if digital data or intellectual property is involved we address the issues raised. We’re Sm@rtEdge – and “Smart companies need a Sm@rtEdge”™


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