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The Sm@rtEdgeLaw Group™ is well-positioned to handle transactional tech, IP and counsel on other legal matters as one of Connecticut’s premier boutique “infolaw” firms.
Contact us at 203 307-2665 or to discuss your issues and need.  Included among the services currently offered are those related to:

  • Commercial Formations, Mergers, Alterations – Whether you’re in the early stages of a company formation, seeking to transition an ongoing entity to a different corporate form or structure, or considering a merger or acquisition involving IP assets (patents, trademark and copyrights), we can help select the right solutions and make them happen for you.
  • Service, Vendor, Subcontractor and other Agreements – From basic NDAs to complex and interlocking Master Services Agreements sporting associated Schedules as thick as a phone book, we’ll successfully handle the deft negotiation, precise drafting and most importantly timely execution of contracts of all types.
  • Outside General Counsel and CISO/CPO Services – For small- to medium-sized entities without a inside general counsel or the equivalent of a Chief Privacy Officer or Chief Infosecurity Security Officer, we offer our outside GC and CISO/CPO platform of services.  As part of this program typically a monthly flat-fee retainer or hybrid fee system is defined giving your predictability and ready access to legal and infosec counsel. For clients who require it we can also arrange for onsite secondment services.
  • Single Family Offices – We offer a variety of legal services to SFO’s to address data/infosec compliance and risk management.
  • M&A and IP Due Diligence – Today mergers and acquisitions revolve around IP assets.  With 25 years of technology and legal experience we’ve often been nicknamed the “Reality Check Company” when it comes to effective IP-related due diligence work related to the acquisition or sale of trade secrets, trade dress, good will, copyrights, trademarks and patents.
  • Privacy  & Data Security –  With data breaches large and small in the news weekly, selecting the right attorney as your “breach coach” is crucial.  We have responded to many data breaches and data incidents, large and small, involving consumer personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI).  In a breach situation time is of the essence.  Our relationships with forensic experts, PR agencies and insurance carriers can help you manage your data incident investigation, breach assessment and ultimate response. For immediate data breach assistance contact us at or call 203 307-2665.
  • Risk Management Programs and Policies – Employee Training – We are well versed in existing best practices for Risk Management Programs and Policies with deep familiarity with industry body recommendations and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) guidelines for data security risk management.  We also routinely conduct employee training and seminars regarding data security and privacy protection.
  • Cyber Insurance Review and Recommendations – With deep relations and connections in the cyber risk insurance field, we can help you review and obtain this increasing important and recommended coverage.
  • Licensing – Our licensing services include: negotiating strategic alliances, drafting distribution agreements, creating joint research agreements, advising on IP-related standards issues, counseling on litigation settlements, and arbitrating or mediating IP disputes.  Your IP is valuable and your license agreements should capture your IP’s full potential.
  • Cloud Services & Outsourcing (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) –  Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way companies purchase and utilize computing resources.  As a member of NIST’s various cloud working groups we work constantly to stay on the cutting edge of cloud developments and cloud-related agreements.  Whether you’re looking for a Software as a Service solution (i.e., email, CRM, client management, etc.), Infrastructure as a Service or Platform as a Service cloud solution we understand the technology, the agreements and the SLA parameters needed to successfully contract for and then successfully utilize these important new offerings.
  • Social Media, BYOD, Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and Employee Use Agreements – The SEC, FINRA, FFIEC, NLRB and various states around the country have regulations and laws in place regarding use of social media by companies and employees.  Recently the SEC announced that in 2014 it would step up its audits of social media policies, employee training and use.  Likewise the growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend raises numerous issues (as well as employee agreements) that must be resolved in order for a successful program.  Our Social Media and BYOD expertise is unique among firms in this class.
  • Software Escrow Review and Negotiations – Although many software licensing situations include software escrow obligations, for mission critical applications – whether cloud, onsite or via third-parties, providing for secure and readily available software escrow in the event a crucial vendor or party ceases operation or enters bankruptcy of restructuring is vital.
  • Copyrights & DCMA Agent Services – Copyright law and protection is a key consideration, particularly as software continues as the primary driver of products, businesses and customer facing applications.  In addition to conventional software copyright concerns, use of Free and Open-Source Software (“FOSS”) and associated GPL or Creative Commons  licenses can complicate projects, deliverables and ownership.  In addition, we offer registered DMCA Agent services and handle numerous copyright matters for creative photographers and authors.
  • Trademarks – Well-established marks can be among the most valuable assets on a company’s balance sheet. To create, grow and build on those assets we work with clients from the initial trademark clearance and selection, registration with the U.S Patent & Trademark Office, and subsequent maintenance, policing and enforcement of your trade and service marks.
  • Arbitration/Mediation/Alternate Dispute Resolution – Increasingly mediation, arbitration and ADR are selected as alternatives to conventional litigation and are frequently agreed to in contracts between parties.


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